The Earl Story...

The Earl Story... what happens when you're a kid growing up under the influence of a 50’s hot rodder drag racing father who then wins a trip to the Indianapolis 500 in 1964?  The victory trophy... a grainy handheld 8mm film shot from the grandstands and a Mobile oil checkered flag.  Oil, oil additives and motor racing were all going to be etched into my brain...… and it left a mark!    
This started a trajectory that would eventually find me as a direct hire to Dan Gurney working alongside him in his private motorcycle / race car workshop at All American Racers, Inc.
Then a confluence of events came crashing together...… after a brainstorming session with a fellow artist... the character Earl Lee was birthed along with the tag line "All The Girls Love Earl," followed by a mind-expanding introduction to the world of street art through Shepard Fairey's work.  By day, I worked with a world renowned racer, and by night, I roamed the streets of Los Angeles and Hollywood, pasting up Earl and his faux brand "Earl Lube," for all to see.
Nearly two decades later… you can now have your very own piece of the man, the myth, the legend known as Earl Lee.
"Earl Lube...the minty fresh magic elixir, snake oil, cologne, motor oil and personal lubricant. Just a quart a day and all the girls would love you too!”
- Earl Lube Speed Shop -
Dress Minty Fresh!