The Earl Story...

Earl Lee - the most complex and sophisticated all-around millionaire sportsman, daredevil, and lady killer the world has ever known –sprang to life from a conversation with a fellow artist who thought I needed a mascot for my emerging clothing line back in 1998. Earl quickly became more than a character, starring on the streets of Los Angeles and Hollywood in his own street art campaign known as All The Girls Love Earl.
Soon after, (the IRS kept asking), it seemed appropriate to give Earl some sort of revenue stream to justify his "millionaire status." In keeping with the humorous, vintage racing themed, innuendo laced story line, a fictional oil company named Earl Lube was launched.
"Earl Lube...the minty fresh magic elixir, snake oil, cologne, motor oil and personal lubricant. Just a quart a day and all the girls will love you too!"
Running alongside Earl on those same streets, the faux Earl Lube advertising campaign cemented the man, the myth, the mystery himself as a fixture of the Southern California street art scene. Now, after years of hot demand, you can finally take a piece of Earl home with you.
- Earl Lube Speed Shop -
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